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Fantasy Radio Limited can now offer a range of great value services available to local businesses, charitable organisations and other community radio stations. Services such as web hosting and domain names, online storage, online audio streaming, audio recording and commercial production.

All of our services are backed up with support from real people with real experience in the community and commercial radio and IT worlds.

If you'd like to learn more, please contact Tom Dawson via 
or call 01380 828811.

Technical Services


Audio Streaming

We've been running our own online stream for over ten years, and can now offer great value streaming services to other community radio stations. Here's what our package includes:

- Up to 128kbps stream
- 32 listener slots 
- SHOUTcast v1, v2 or Icecast
- Just £30 per year


Online Storage

We can now offer a number of Online Storage solutions to help you get your files under control. Hosted OwnCloud, NextCloud or Seafile lets you easily share files and folders with colleagues, presenters, family members and more. No more lost memory sticks, as software keeps your computers in sync. Here's what you get:

- 100GB for £3 per month
- 300GB for £5 per month

Virtual Private and Dedicated Servers

We can also offer a great range of Virtual Private and Dedicated Servers of various specifications.

- VPS from £5 per month (containers and machines available)
- Dedicated from £50 per month

Just get in touch to discuss your requirements and the specifications we can supply.


Web Hosting & Domain Names

We've put together a great value hosting package, ideal for small businesses and community radio stations. Here's what's included:

- 5GB web space
- Unlimited transfer
- 2 x MySQL Databases
- 5 x 1GB email accounts
- Just £25 per year

We also offer a full range of domain names, with the following:
- Free domain parking
- Free domain forwarding
- Full DNS management
- Starting at £10 per year

Audio Services


Audio Recording

The Fantasy Radio Team has over 40 years of combined recording experience and audio production. Musicians, concerts, bands and meetings can be recorded in a live setting or in the studio, expertly mastered and delivered to you as an audio file or on audio CD.

- Prices start at £50 per hour


Commercial Production

Our team has over 40 years of experience in radio commercial production for RSLs, community and commercial radio stations up and down the UK, and we can now offer some great deals for community and hospital radio stations. From script-writing, sung jingles and music beds, through to clearance and production, Fantasy Radio can help your station with professionally produced radio commercials.

- Just £60 fully produced
- Sung jingles from £150


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Radio advertising works. Read about the exciting advertising opportunities with Fantasy Radio.