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October 23rd
ONE of the foremost innovators in folk music today is touring her award-winning show to the Pound Arts Centre in Corsham in November.
October 22nd
A Swindon man who taught himself how to make hand-made guitars from his garage has auctioned one of his creations off for Brighter Futures, with the help of a Psychedelic Rock legend.
October 21st
A £3 million fund-raising appeal is to be launched to turn St Mary’s Church in Devizes into an all-singing-and-dancing performing arts centre.
October 21st
The Wyvern Theatre stage is set to blast audience members back to the past with the Sensational 60s show. 
October 20th
An Old Town singer who is aiming to revive Swindon's music scene has talked about how the lockdown and pandemic shaped his new album. 


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